Monday, January 2, 2012

I [heart] email

LOOKING FOR INFORMATION about a former development director, I'm browsing old campus publications. This note from Faculty and Administrative Bulletin, Vol. XXI, No. 17, May 7, 1990:

MATERIALS FOR THE ARCHIVES -- Many thanks to those who have sent information about programs/activities/records of the 1989-90 academic year to the Archives. As you clear your desk for the summer, the Archives could use records of committee meetings no longer needed, as well as other materials pertinent to the progress of the college.
A few years earlier, we detect a more plaintive tone.
During the past few years there has been a gap in the flow of ... information [to the Archives]. To assure a continuity of of source material please send from your office or department notification of events in which you are involved... (Vol. XXII, Issue 17, May 5, 1986)
I'm sure my honored predecessors, Sisters Margaret Lynch, Germaine McNeil and Mercia Louise Zerwekh, would have loved the flood tide of electronic announcements, agendas, minutes, flyers and even photos that arrive in my in-box every day. No more relying on other people to remember to send their stuff. In fact, the big challenge is keeping up with it. I've got a couple hours of filing ahead -- just as soon as I find my mystery man from development!

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