Tuesday, January 17, 2012

White wonderland

IT WAS NEARLY 80 DEGREES at Chalon last Friday, and amid the beach weather and warm blue skies it's hard to believe that on the same date back in 1949 -- January 13, a Thursday -- the city and the College enjoyed a record snowfall.

It wasn't just a light dusting -- probably more like 4 inches -- and it stuck. I just came across this photo of Mary Chapel, taken from the second floor of Rossiter Hall. What I like about it are the "Christmas trees" on either side of the entrance.

The students (and maybe even a Sister or two) enjoyed some snowball fights before it all melted in the late morning.

The beach weather last week was pretty nice, but day after perfect day in Brentwood can be a little, well, boring. It would be fun indeed to see this place decked in white again.

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