Monday, September 27, 2010

Mood lighting

A lone student in a remote setting, 1933.
FOUND THIS SNAPSHOT DATED 1933 in the photo archives, and it caught my eye because it suggests in an artistic way some of the remoteness of the early Mount.

Something I saw the other day referred to the College in the early days as "practically inaccessible" with its steep canyons and dicey road . Here, a lone student takes in the last rays of the lowering sun in a setting that's still very stark -- no landscaping, no bulletin boards, no patio. Her thoughts seem miles away over the Pacific Ocean.

The photo was taken on the west side of Brady Hall looking south, before the patio and dining hall extension were built. The steps lead up to what was a large stage in the lecture hall (now Brady Commons), and down to some office and storage space. The upper stairs are gone, but the lower ones are still there.

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