Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How bad was that mold?

Going through my photos for yesterday's post, I came across this one -- clearly the most disgusting book of all. Seldom in book mold do we get to see such rich texture, such vibrant hues. The pic doesn't really do justice to the black stuff, which looked like silk velvet and was probably an eighth of an inch thick. The white mold was more lacy while the greenish variety looked like old-fashioned penicillin. By the way, the Mount brought in experts to test it, and it was declared safe and nontoxic... which was good, considering how much of it we were dealing with (eventually, after this picture was taken, with rubber gloves).


  1. Was this one able to be saved? I realize this is the "before" shot; is there an "after?" I would love to know title and author as well as the conclusion to its story. I sincerely hope the mold did not win.

  2. Happy ending. Yes, it was salvageable. The boards (cover) were disgusting but the text block was untouched, and we were able to vacuum off the mold (saying "eeuw" and "yuck" every so often for good measure).

    It's an old Haydock Bible from the mid-1800s, and it's currently being patched up. We're planning a little tea party when the books are all back, so I'll be sure to let you and your wife know so you can help us celebrate.