Monday, December 5, 2011

Finals Week

THE CRANIAL VAPOR PRESSURE is hitting the danger zone... Heads are exploding... It must be Finals Week.

While the students crowding the Porch cram for dear life, I thought I'd post a memento from Finals Week in December 1929, a little grade slip that shows one Mary O'Connor cruising to a C in Liturgy. Was she disappointed? Relieved?

I'm inclined to go with relieved. Miss O'Connor was actually a member of the charter class of the Mount and thus received her B.A. along with her 9 classmates in June, 1929. Why was she taking a class the following fall? The report card doesn't indicate the number of credits, so I'm wondering whether she wasn't a couple credits shy of her degree and took a class in the fall to make up.

Liturgy was one of the 1-credit classes under the heading Divine Worship offered by the Philosophy Department. If ever a class triggered a case of senioritis, I bet that would be it.

The instructor, Sister Agnes Bernard, might be considered the Mount's first archivist. In addition to serving as professor and Trustee, she also kept the College scrapbooks. They're in the archives, very fragile but more or less intact, and they're treasures of minutia -- just like Miss O'Connor's grade slip.

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