Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Athenian Day, 1991

Aurora Israelson of our Women's Leadership department is looking for historic photos to display at the Athenian Awards ceremony in a couple weeks, so I browsed the Athenian Day picture archives.

The annual spring event was founded on March 16, 1991. At the inaugural event, six teams made up of faculty, students and staff took part in a series of fun (and funny) competitions, such as volleyball, raft races in the pool, an obstacle course and relays. Teams chose their names and decorated shirts to match. Closing ceremonies were held in the pool.

This photo, scanned from the 1991 Athenian yearbook, shows the winning team, called the Flower Children -- with tie-dyed shirts to match. The winning team included our own administration members Dr. Stephanie Cubba and and Dr. Mari Wadsworth. If you look closely in the photo, you'll see Dr. Cubba standing third from the right.

A front-page article in the April 1991 edition of The View, (vol. 38, No. 5), got it right when it proclaimed, "Everyone went home winners for having made this new tradition such a success." The 21st annual Athenian Day was held this year on Feb. 25.

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