Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas poem, 1939

A Mount student's block print graces The Queen's Page
cover in the December, 1939, issue.
THE MOUNT IS BLESSED to have in Special Collections a beautiful volume in red leather with The Queen's Page, 1937-1941, stamped in gold. It's a compilation of the quarterly literary magazine of the Sodality Union, an organization of Catholic high school and college students in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles dedicated to honoring the Mother of God.

For Christmas, we thought we'd share a poem by Mount senior Peggy Mahoney '39, a regular contributor to the Queen's Page and the Mount's own literary quarterly Inter-Nos. It appeared on page 8 of the December 1938 issue, and we like it because it evokes a cold, starlit night in the pitch-dark heights of Brentwood.

Broad hills that raise black breasts
To midnight skies
And watch while man and child and
Lapping waters sleep–
Caught in the craggy chambers of
Your heart, you keep the secret
That lies locked in Virgin Eyes.
Jet sky, poise low your velvet heart
And bide the perfect hour when 
The chorus thrums the golden joy afar,
And angel feet will bruise each burning star, 
And Christ will lie on straw, at Bethlehem.
Detail of Corlett's print
A year later, Wanda May Corlett '42 of the Mount provided the woodblock print that graces the cover of the Queen's Page for December 1939. City Hall looms over La Placita Church near Olvera Street. Almost hidden at the bottom is the newborn Jesus in his manger. To us, it speaks clearly that the Mount is engaged deeply in the world around it.

This Christmas season, may Our Lady of the Mount continue to bless her daughters and sons at the university named for her, in the city that bears her name. Pray for us, Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles.

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