Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ireland calling

A HISTORIAN FROM DUNMANWAY in southern Ireland, Michelle O’Mahony O’Driscoll, called the Archives today seeking information about the U.S.-born nephew of a famous Dunmanway denizen. Such denizen, we were told, is called a "Doheny," which in Ireland is pronounced "Doh'ny" or "Donny." Dunmanway has a lot of them, naturally, including the Gaelic-rules football club, the Dohenys.

Back in the mid-19th Century, a hero of the Young Irelander nationalist uprising, Michael Doheny, fled to New York and remained in the United States. He died in 1863.

His American nephew was none other than Edward L. Doheny, Sr., Los Angeles oil tycoon and philanthropist.

According to Ms. O'Driscoll, the newly formed Dunmanway Historical Association is interested in American Dohenys, and she came across the Los Angeles Dohenys on the MSMC website.  She's got her own family connection to the Mount. One of her close cousins is Sister Kathleen Mary McCarthy, a CSJ of the L.A. province.

We put Ms. O'Driscoll in touch with the Doheny Docents and wished her happy historical hunting.  She hopes to visit the Doh'ny Campus someday.

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