Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Treasure chest

A classic American design: the slide carousel.
Photo by Vicky McCargar.

THIS OBJECT, BOYS AND GIRLS, IS A SLIDE CAROUSEL. Just being able to identify it dates us as well into middle age. It is full of slides -- rich, colorful, jewel-like little windows of light. About the Doheny Campus!

Our director of public relations, Debbie Ream, handed this off to the archives last week with a skeptical look, as if to say, "Do you really need any more old slides?" But we Lone Arrangers are loath to say no to pictures, so we "accessioned" them, in the jargon.

Boy, oh, boy -- what a timely find. The original Eastman Kodak Co. box is intact. The slides represent a big range of dates between the 1920s and 1980s, but all appear to be historic shots pertaining to Doheny -- faculty like Sisters Pancratius Cremins and Aline Marie Gerber; students in fashionable 1970s twinsets, and best of all, lots of photos of the Doheny Mansion and grounds in the olden days, including the Doheny family's ornate old greenhouse (torn down around 1960 or so). There are about 75 slides in all.

Our colleagues a couple of hills over at the Skirball Cultural Center have kindly offered the services of their slide scanner and a volunteer to operate it. We'll post some of the images here and over on our Facebook site, http://www.facebook.com/MSMCarchives. (And if you're there, please give us a Like!)

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