Monday, August 6, 2012

Digital travelogue, 1956

THE EXPLORATION of our newly digitized collections on the Internet Archive continues, a process that is both frustrating (owing to the limitations of search engines and problems with the metadata) and fascinating (because of what's there).

The various yearbooks, catalogs, and literary journals are readable in multiple formats, including online or downloaded for Kindle, iPad, other e-readers and generic PDF. The entry link for the Mount's collections is here: (The online collection was made possible with a donation by an alumna of the Class of 1957 and the LYRASIS Mass Digitization program under a Sloan Foundation Grant.)
Sacre Coeur in the 1950s.

The Internet Archive software
 even lets us embed a "mini-reader" in the middle of a blog. How cool is that? Here is a fun example -- "Letters from Abroad," an extensive travelogue from France and Italy in 1956, mostly by Sister Rose de Lima Lynch. Groups of CSJs from L.A. visited Paris, Le Puy and Rome and wrote back to the CSJ community, which published the letters in Inter-Nos, the all-purpose campus journal. Take a look!

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